I have never seen anything 
work like this!


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Program The Manifestation Of Your Deepest Desires
This isn't some emotional high that leaves you feeling empty. 

This is a proven, repeatable method of manifesting anything you want in your life. 

And by "anything" I mean your physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual life!
Totally ELIMINATE Any And ALL Limiting Beliefs
If you feel even the tiniest bit skeptical pat yourself on the back! 

As you will read below, Center Stage works exceptionally well for skeptics. 

That includes A.B. - you will read his story below - and it includes YOU too!
See Real Results Faster Than You Can Imagine
In just a moment I'm going to share my Center Stage story with you. 

But first I want you to know this ... Center Stage works faster than anything I have ever seen. 

So keep reading to learn more about how Center Stage can transform your life quickly! 
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Discover The Unparalleled Power 
Of Center Stage

From Skeptic To MASSIVE Results!

A couple months ago I was listening to my dear friend Burt Goldman tell an amazing story about one of his seminar students!

Burt tells the story of A. Bart Efraim (I call him A.B. for short) a man who obtained incredible results even though he was a born skeptic! 

Did you know that skeptics can often get the BEST results? So if you are the least bit skeptical yourself, read on and get ready to love what you discover!
You see, A.B. had been “let go” from a prestigious position and had sunk into a deep depression!

(Hopeless couch potato might describe it more accurately!)

I think we have all been there, right? I know I have. So beat up by "life" that all you want to do is sit on the couch and lick your wounds?

But A.B. had friends. 

Real friends. Friends who wanted the best for A.B. They were not going to let his story end in defeat just because some know it all boss had a hissy fit and fired him. 

So they sprung into action. 

By the way, if you need a friend like that, know this ... YOU ARE NOT ON THIS PAGE BY ACCIDENT. You were guided here for a reason, so by all means keep reading and let me be that friend to you!

You see, A.B.'s friends dragged him “protesting” down to a Burt Goldman Manifesting Seminar thinking it might do him some good!

To be clear, A.B. appreciated his friends but thought they were a little nutty. 

In fact, he muttered something in Yiddish that one of them could not understand. When she asked about it, A.B. said it meant "this is TRIPLE crazy!"

As I mentioned, A.B. was a true skeptic. 

But then something happened ...

A.B. discovered the method that programmed his subconscious mind to manifest 
whatever he could dream up!

What A.B. discovered is called "Stage Presence". What it did for him is simply amazing. 

In a moment I'll share my own Stage Presence story. But for now, for just a moment, stop and focus on the ONE thing that would MOST change your life right now. 

Because that thing - the thing that just leapt into your mind - is what we are going to go out and get for you!

Now back to A.B. for a moment more ...

A.B. pushed past his skepticism and decided to go all in!  

We will never know what helped him transition to skeptic to being opened minded. 

It might have been for no other reason than to prove to his friends that this “Center Stage” business was, in his words, "triple crazy."

Which compels me to share something A.B. experienced personally ...

WHY you decide to use Center Stage matters much less than that you DO use Center Stage!

The reason I say it "programs" your mind is because it's true. Center Stage is not some touchy feely hyped up emotional thing ... it is science. 

You can program your mind just like a person can program a computer. 

So what happened to A.B.? You are going to love this!

Four months later, A.B. called my friend Burt Goldman to tell him the incredible news!

Everything I programmed for came true,” 
he excitedly told Burt… 

“When I did the Center Stage Exercise… I programmed for a new job where I was the boss."

"I saw myself writing checks with my feet up on the desk because that’s what bosses do!"

A.B. could barely contain himself! He had finally found something that worked!

He went on to say ...

"And I saw myself driving a new luxury automobile! This had been my dream for YEARS!" 

Now he was excited ...

"I WANTED that car! I had scrimped and saved but then something always went wrong at the last minute and I had to spend the money for other things. I was just about ready to settle for less when Center Stage came along!"

Breathless, he finished his incredible update ...

"It’s ALL coming true, I have EVERYTHING that I programmed for!”

Needless to say, A.B. became an advocate for Burt Goldman’s seminars! 

In fact, he brought in over 40 people over the course over time! He did not get paid to bring them in. He brought them in because he knew that Center Stage works!

It wasn't "triple crazy". It was triple FANTASTIC!

You see, it worked for him, the chief of all skeptics!

He knew it would work for his friends. 

And I know Center Stage will work for you too. 

In fact, I will even help you make it work in your life!

I will be like A.B.'s friends and share with you what I know works. What I have proven works.

Hearing this story got me so excited I decided to take action and bring you a transformational event like no other.

More on that in a moment. But first, let me share ...

My (Slightly Embarrassing) Center Stage Story

I decided to go for a simple goal and yet one that I would know was no accident if it came true.

I did the exercise just like Burt had guided A.B. to do.

I decided to set a goal of making a certain amount of money by July 30. 

I had not generated that amount in several years…so I KNEW it would be because of the Center Stage Technique.

Well, by July 23rd, I had already made that amount of money I programmed for … so I decided to ask for a thousand more.

That amount came in rather quickly so I decided, why not go for another thousand?

It worked like a charm as a matter of fact 
it seemed almost magical.

And then I made a "rookie" mistake. This is the embarrassing part!

For the next month I decided to just give it a rest. I didn’t program for any certain amount of income at all.

Call me silly, maybe I thought I was using up all my good luck and wanted to save some for later! I really do not know why I hesitated. But I did. 

I really thought I had messed it all up!

And then something wonderful happened!

I made almost the same amount as I had in the month when I programmed… And I didn’t even do anything!

It seemed as though my first use of the Center Stage method had created a "carry over" effect where the blessings just kept flowing my way!

It was then that I realized I could be like A.B.'s friends. I could do everything in my power to convince my friends about what could happen for them ... and to teach them how this works. 

So I told one of my friends about it and I even taught her how to use the method. 

Her good fortune came about 
even quicker than mine!

The very next day after doing her process she received a very large check.

Now, I want to be 100% transparent about this - she was already expecting a check but she was not expecting this check! 

The check she received was 3 times more than what she was expecting!!

I guess you could say my friend didn’t have the same worries as I did about wearing out your good fortune.

A few days after that she programmed again and sure as Shootin’ another check shows up in the mail. (This time unexpected)

Then I went to bat for you!

If you know me, you know that I have two passions in my life. They are what I wake up thinking about every day. I pray about them. I work toward them. They drive me.

Passion #1: Helping people in my circle experience maximum abundance in their lives. 
Passion #2: Refining and perfecting techniques to get maximum results in minimum time.

Because of these twin passions, I felt lead to go above and beyond to make sure I could properly teach you the Center Stage method. 

Here are the steps I took to make sure I could bring you something that works ...
  • I INVESTED TIME - I took 3 days off work (and time away from my family) to travel and meet with Burt personally so I could become certified by him to teach the Center Stage method.
  • ​I INVESTED MONEY - When I add up the cost of the certification, the travel, the lost income at work, and more, my total investment was very close to $3000 just to become certified.
  • ​I PRACTICED AND REFINED - Not content to just restate something I learned in a class, I applied every technique to myself. The end result was the best business year of my entire life. Then I began sharing the method with my closest friends to make sure my success was not a fluke.
  • ​I SOUGHT PERMISSION - I know, I know. I had paid a fee so why did I need extra permission? I can't really say but I know that seeking that last piece of validation set me free to throw myself wholeheartedly into teaching the Center Stage method WITH Burt's personal blessing.

Now it's YOUR turn!

You may be wondering if this technique will work for you. That is 100% natural and understandable. 

Remember, A.B. had questions too. But he steeled himself and made a decision. Now it's your turn to do the same.

You might be worried that it will take too much time. But don't worry because you will get this in ONE short session!

You might be worried that it will cost too much money. After all, you know that I paid $3000 to learn this. But don't worry because you will not pay anywhere near $3000! I am making sure of that!

Before I reveal the details ... and this is important ... please take 30 seconds to answer these three questions in your mind ...
  • WHAT IS YOUR ONE THING? What is the MOST important thing that you want in your life right now? That is your starting point.
  • ​WHAT WILL HAPPEN? What will happen if you don't take this important training? If you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you are getting. IS THAT ENOUGH?
  • ​ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE? This is not about working harder or working smarter. This is about receiving the blessings that are stored up with your name on them. 


Don’t be concerned about all the obstacles…it’s MY job to help you with those!

You don’t have to worry…I will guide you in making this process successful. 

It’s usually something hidden that keeps you from manifesting…or a big fat gatekeeper!

Luckily… I am the QUEEN of helping you shine the Light on Your Limitations, Gatekeepers, and mental blocks!

Here Are The Details

I've been told my "marketing consultants" that I should charge $500 for this information. After all, I am uniquely qualified to teach this, being certified (and taught) by Burt personally. 

And this information brings powerful transformation to your life very quickly. 

But I won't charge $500, even though I could. 

And I've been warned to not price this "too low" and set an expectation that it's not worth much. 

To both I say ... BS!

You are in my tribe and I will fight to protect you, to bless you, to serve you, every day I am allowed to draw breath. 

So I've decided to price this for a one time fee of $97. 

As you will see below, you get much more value than that! And that fee allows me to run my business in a way that empowers me to serve you on my highest level. 

If you see the value and want real and lasting change in your life, use this button to lock in your spot right now because seats are limited ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where And When Does This Event Take Place?
THIS IS A LIVE ONLINE EVENT! It is not pre-recorded. I will interact with those who attend in real time (but only if you want to) helping you get the most from our time together!

Here are the dates and times ...


If these times do not work for you order anyway and you will receive the replay to watch anytime you want and as often as you want. Many of my students achieve great things and never attend a live event!

I will be presenting the same material three times in order to help the most people possible.

Saturday Sept 12 at 3 PM Eastern time.
Sunday Sept 13 at 2 PM Eastern time.
Encore on Wednesday Sept 16 at 7 PM eastern.
Is There A Replay Available?
Of course! You get LIFETIME access to this important teaching! That way you can refresh yourself in the technique anytime you need to manifest even more!
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Absolutely! All I ask is that you allow me to help you shift your limiting beliefs and you do the process exactly as Burt taught me. If you follow my simple guidance and don’t feel anything shift in your life... just let me know and I will refund every penny you paid.
Nothing ever works for me... What makes this different?
Congratulations! That means you are probably a skeptic just like A.B.! Here is the good news ... if you are willing to let it work just a little we can open the valve a lot wider and your blessings will flow!
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