Perfect For Product Owners AND Affiliate Marketers Too!
Let me help you create an offer that CONVERTS!
how to Convert strangers into BUYERS!
Make Sales | Build Your List | Automate
  • TEACHING: Exactly WHAT to do and HOW($297 Value)
  • TRANSCRIPTS: Use them as your personal notes. ($97 Value)
  •  AUDIO: Listen in your car, at the gym, anywhere. ($27 Value)
  •  SLIDE DECK: See the entire course in one PDF! ($47 Value)
  • BONUS:  My private list of vendors ($37 Value)
  •  BONUS: ​My offer idea checklist ($97 Value)
  •  EVERGREEN ACCESS: Pay once - access it forever! (Priceless!)
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WHO Is This For?
  • AFFILIATE MARKETERS who need to stand out from the crowd and become the affiliate who closes the sales, not just drives the traffic.
  •  PRODUCT OWNERS who need to breathe new life into products that are underperforming. You have a great product, now make a great offer and see sales explode!
  • NEW MARKETERS who are doing what they should do but are still not making sales or earning commissions. This can be your turnaround moment!
  •  PRODUCT LAUNCHERS​who want to make a huge splash when their product hits the market. If you use a launch approach, you need this!
  • FUNNEL MARKETERS who need to see higher conversions in ALL of the steps of their sales funnel. 
WHAT Will You Discover?
  • 36 WAYS TO SELL MORE! By fine-tuning your offer you will be giving people exactly what they want, when they want it, which means more people buying!
  • HOW AFFILIATE MARKETERS can begin making more sales by not sending their traffic to the wrong landing page!
  •  HOW STRUGGLING MARKETERS CAN FINALLY MAKE SALES. The odds are that your product is great but your offer is not. Fix the offer and you fix the problem of low sales, or no sales.
  •  THE SIMPLE TOOLS YOU NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE. This ain't rocket science! :-) Learn the 4 simple tools you need to make your offer great!
  •  HOW TO KNOW IN ADVANCE THAT YOUR OFFER WILL CONVERT! Selling online is not about guesswork. It's about doing some basic research and then using what is already happening to your advantage.
  •  HOW TO MODEL SUCCESS SO YOU DON'T "REINVENT THE WHEEL". Who has time to learn it all, do it all, and still have a life? Not me! That's why I use checklists  and models to create offers in a day! Let me show you how.
  •  HOW TO SAVE MONEY WHEN CREATING YOUR OFFER. You can "outsource" yourself into the poor house or you can use my simple trick to save big bucks.
  •  HOW TO GET OTHER PEOPLE TO DO *MOST* OF THE WORK FOR YOU! Did you know that most of what you need has already been created for you? Learn where to find it and how to leverage it to your advantage.
  •  THE #1 MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE WHEN CREATING AN OFFER AND HOW TO AVOID IT! This evil deal killer is just waiting to sabotage your success. Learn what it is and how to avoid it like the plague. 
  •  HOW SUPER AFFILIATES GET THAT WAY AND HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER MADE A SALE! You know how big time affiliates seem to "come out of nowhere". That's because they know what I'm teaching in this Master Class. I have lived this, going from being a "nobody" to being a top affiliate for some major online programs.
  •  HOW TO MATCH A TRAFFIC SOURCE TO YOUR OFFER FOR THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CONVERSION. You already know that people who come from Facebook respond to offers differently than people who click a pay per click ad or read a blog post. But do you know why? And do you know HOW to match your offer to the right source? YOU WILL! 
  •  AND EVEN MORE - 36 WAYS TO CREATE AN OFFER THAT CONVERTS! This is a legacy course for me. That means I am sharing EVERYTHING I have learned in the last 19 years and delivering it to you in one powerful Master Class. After owning over 50 online products, I've learned how to make offers that convert. Join me and let's drop that knowledge into your brain and business!
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